Q: How do I know if something fits my vehicle?
A: We can check for you, provide us with the registration number and also the details of the vehicle.

Q: How long do items take to ship, how long will they take to arrive?
A: We generally will ship an item on the same working day as the payment is receipted, however delivery may take (and can take) from two (2) to seven (7) working days from Nelson. International freight generally can take up to two weeks.

Q: Are you able to provide the right side shock absorber as well as the left, as I see you only have the left side in stock?
A: Possibly. We may be able to source a shock in from another supplier if in stock, Although there will be a price difference between the two as ours are listed to clear.
We will not process an order without your acceptance. 

Q: Is the item I am wanting to buy new or used?
A: Everything we have in stock is new / unused unless stated.

Q: Are you able to ship overseas?
A: Yes. Overseas shipping charges will apply.